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We create a distinctive brand with a clearly recognizable design. Jewelry with handwriting for customers who did not look up in the majority taste. 

Jindřiška Pálenská

Czech artist and jeweler Jindřiška Pálenská was born in Prague. In her family, there were many ancestors gifted in art and craftsmanship, so her parents enrolled her at the ZUŠ for painting as a child, which she attended until the entrance exams. She then studied goldsmithing and silversmithing at the School of Arts and Crafts in Turnov. There she learned not only to design, but also to make jewelry. 

She focuses on minimalist jewelry and has recently gone in another direction when she discovered the magic of lost wax casting.   

Today, he is inspired by modern trends and creates "organic" jewelry with visible traces of manual processing  as a counterpoint to his own earlier work,which is based on pure geometric shapes, which contrasts with the rawness of the uncut mineral. 

Paul Otrel

He was born in Moravia in 1939. His parents trained him to become a goldsmith. In 1968, he emigrated with his second wife to Pfhorzheim, Germany, a city of goldsmiths and jewellers. Thanks to his skill, he quickly established himself in his field. He first started teaching as a master in the goldsmith's school there. In his later years, he made a living by designing and producing wax models of jewelry, which were subsequently put into series production.   At the same time he created his original silver rings and other jewelry. Paul Otrel died in Germany in 2021. His granddaughter Jindřiška Pálenská decided to carry on the family tradition and founded the brand Amorphium, where you have the honor to view his lifelong work and buy some originals v e-shop.

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